What does your website look like on a mobile phone?

Maybe its time for a responsive website?

Standard websites which have not been designed to respond to their different mobile devices, require additional actions from the viewer in order to be perused correctly. This can be a troublesome viewing experience as users will not see the website in its true form, they will have to double tap or pinch to zoom in to read text, scroll horizontally, view missing blank areas of the page where plugins and coding will not render (iPhone does not support Flash animations) and quite often wait for longer loading times.

This is what a standard website looks like on a mobile phone:

This is how a standard website looks like on a mobile phone

This may seem acceptable to some people, however this is not an ideal scenario as it means that the user has to unnecessarily interact with the website in order to read the text on the website. As a result the user can become quite frustrated, or lost within complex navigation.

Mobile websites

Some companies have mobile websites as well as a standard website, so when a user browse the website using a mobile phone, they are re-directed to a dedicated website designed for mobile phones. One drawback to this approach is that when you add new content and features to a website, you then have to duplicate the content for both websites. In addition to this issue, the web designer has to decide what is the best resolution to switch to the mobile website. At the moment there are hundreds of screen resolutions for each different smartphone, phablet (tablets with phone capabilities), tablet, notebook, laptops, smart TV's, and desktop computers; this adds complexity to the designing websites.

To overcome these issues, responsive websites are the best way forward. ...one website that seamlessly adjusts to each device screen resolution.

Our web designers can design responsive websites to automatically scale to the screen resolution of each device. Depending on what device youre using, we can design a website to show/hide certain website features/functions so that they look best on that preferred device. Likewise we can adjust the layout so that it seamlessly adapts to a phone and tablet regardless of its screen orientation (landscape/portrait). As a result, we can make your website look amazing on any handheld device or desktop computer.

Call our web design team now on 01656 740963 or email studio@dalydesign.co.uk, we can help develop the best website for your business.

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